Acer Landscapes Services

Acer Landscapes is a professional full-service Consult, Design and Create landscaping business. We have created a long list of projects including full backyard retreats, poolside landscapes, retaining walls, ponds, gardens, driveways, and wooden structures. We have worked on small projects and large projects.

Our Vision is based on a philosophy of working with clients as consultants first. We work with clients to understand what they would like to achieve. To us function is as important as aesthetics. Determining a realistic budget is also important. When necessary timelines can be created to phase projects to allow for flexibility. Every successful project revolves around a plan based on wants and needs. We provide a free initial consultation to determine if wants, needs and project parameters align.

Once a framework has been established the next step is the design phase. Sometimes this is simple, other times it can be complex. Without a proper understanding of the above the design will lack all the necessary components to create a successful and enjoyable result. Design fees vary based on the complexity of the project and often are combined as credits in the total project cost.

When a design and project concept has been created the next step is Create. We ensure that all work is done to our high level of standards and the jobsite is kept clean and safe. Our goal is to help you, our client create something to use, enjoy and be proud of.

Our Palette

Natural Stone, Precast concrete pavers, wood, trees, shrubs, perennials, flowers, light, shadows, water, scent and sound. We use them, combine them, mix them, manipulate them to create areas of enjoyment. We use existing features of the property or surrounding environment to create an area of enjoyment.

Allow us to help you start enjoying your home is a whole new way! If you are ready give us a call to schedule a consultation.