Landscape Lighting

Why stop enjoying your outdoor space after dark. We believe clients take pleasure spending time viewing or living outside their homes. Landscape lighting allows you to enjoy your property in a whole new way! As the sun sets begin to realize what you have been missing. Be it the ability to enjoy dinner after dark on your patio or the view of a beautiful specimen tree bathed in soft light from your kitchen window, we believe that landscape lighting allows you the opportunity to extend your enjoyment.

It creates a dramatic scene, interest and functionality, and highlights your garden and outdoor spaces. Wow your guests with accents and features that look completely natural. Enjoy your property in the evening from the comfort of your living room. Acer Landscapes will help you achieve the result you desire with garden lighting, deck and gazebo lighting and so much more. With new LED technology enjoy a worry free and inexpensive lighting experience you have to see to appreciate. Want to see it for yourself, Acer Landscapes offer free demo lighting. Let us light up a section of your property for a few nights to give you an idea of the possibilities. Give us a call to schedule a free lighting demo!

“We used to spend the odd afternoon or early evening enjoying our deck and gardens but since we installed landscape lighting, we spend more time outdoors in the spring, summer and fall than we do indoors!” Andrea M. – Milton